Justice for Jordan Miles! Justice for Homewood youth!

Attended rally for Jordan Miles this afternoon. Jordan Miles is the young African-American male viciously attacked and beaten by undercover Pittsburgh police in January of 2010 (www.justiceforjordanmiles.com). At the time, Jordan was a high school senior at CAPA, the Pittsburgh school for the performing arts. No previous encounters with the criminal justice system and an honors student, Jordan Miles was targeted by racist undercover officers because of his race and the neighborhood that he resides in: Homewood.

You see, Homewood is a majority Black neighborhood filled with working class and poor people. The majority are law-abiding citizens who are often underpaid, underemployed or no job at all. A neighborhood with lots of empty lots, abandoned houses and abandoned dreams.  Like many of  the urban wastelands that dominate the landscape  of the United States, some youth and adults have embraced the deadly and self-destructive culture of hustling drugs as a mechanism for survival. Hence,  the racial and socio-economic profiling of an entire neighborhood and all of its youthful inhabitants.

Black youth who reside or pass through Homewood are prime targets for police intrusion, misconduct and brutality. Such barbaric behavior is often justified with a casual reference to the neighborhood in which it occurred. We must stand up for Jordan Miles and demand justice! We must stand up and demand justice for Homewood!

Police officers Richard Ewing, David Sisak and Michael Saldutte must be indicted, charged and removed from the Pittsburgh Police Department. They must never again be given legal authority to terrorize the Black community.


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